What is a Doula?

July 28, 2016

A Doula is an extra helping hand throughout your pregnancy and birth. In addition to your midwife during your pregnancy, they offer you support throughout your labour. As well as helping you during your pregnancy and birth, if you have other children they may help look after them. They will assist your partner throughout the duration of your labour. They support you after the birth with challenging tasks such as breastfeeding.

Doula; a safe and helpful way to see you through pregnancy and childbirth

Studies have found that having a Doula can shorten your first-time labour by an average of two hours. The chances of having a caesarean is decreased by 50%, and the need for pain medication is also decreased.  Not only do you benefit from having a Doula, but it has also been suggested that your birthing partners also benefit as they feel more confident when trying to participate.

Birth Doulas

Birth Doulas offer an ‘on call’ service and will be with you as soon as you go into labour. Staying with you throughout your labour and also after. Emotional and practical support will vary depending on the type of labour style you have chosen. Ensuring you are calm and relaxed throughout your labour, helping with breathing techniques. A Doula also makes sure your partner is comfortable and confident helping you stay calm and happy.

A Doula is discrete, and respects your partner. Once you are settled and happy after labour your birth Doula will leave you to enjoy your next adventure. You can book your Birth Doula here.

Postnatal Doulas

Postnatal Doulas can be booked antenatally or booked when your family may be struggling a little and need extra support. Times booked varies, they usually start within the first few months of birth.  Offering emotional, informational and practical support when needed.

One major positive of having a postnatal Doula is that their role varies. Helping you out with most daily tasks that will result in your family being happy and relaxed whilst enjoying having a new born in the house.

Ensuring you feel confident as parents together, by giving you the opportunity to spend time together talking is really helpful. Having a new baby can make life complicated.

A postnatal Doula is different from a maternity nurse, not only do they look after your baby, they offer support and help you become a confident parent.

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