Baby Sleep Experts and Sleep Trainers

Sleepless nights come hand in hand with having a baby. A perfect night’s sleep is not expected every night, but if you are experiencing a consistent cycle of sleepless nights, a baby sleep expert and sleep trainer might be beneficial for you. This is why it can be a good idea to try and establish a good sleep routine for your baby as early as possible.

Getting your baby into a suitable sleep routine is not always an easy task and will not just happen overnight.

A baby sleep expert and sleep trainer is a trained specialist who is able to help older babies, aged from 6 months – 5 years, sleep through the night.


The baby sleep experts and sleep trainer’s job is to try and implement new consistent methods in the hope that your baby will learn to understand what is expected. Unfortunately, there is no set time limit for how long it would take to establish a suitable sleep routine for your child. However, a baby sleep expert and sleep trainer would hope to establish a routine with your baby within a week. This does vary for each child.

Baby Sleep Expert and Sleep Trainer Benefits:

  • By having a good sleep routine, you should be able to notice a significant change in your baby’s behaviour and in their concentration.
  • A night time sleep solution will also improve daytime sleeping routines.
  • Establishing a good, healthy sleeping routine early will encourage a good long term sleep pattern for your baby.
  • You are able to sleep at night without being woken, better preparing you for the day ahead.

Baby Sleep Expert and Sleep Trainer Fees:

Sleep Trainer from £250.00 per night (usually 5pm to 8am)

Baby Sleep Expert £35.00 per hour plus reasonable travel expenses

Agency fee £30.00 per day +vat