Night Nannies

What is a night nanny?

A night nanny is often someone who has experience in being a nanny or has been a maternity nurse for many years and has built up lot of experience. Usually a night nanny has undergone extensive training. This enables her to implement different strategies and methods to tackle a wide range of night time issues.

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The hours a night nanny would work are flexible. Usually a night nanny would work from 9pm until 7am the following morning and should be given an area where they are able to rest in between caring for your baby. Your night nanny may arrive around the time you put your child down for the night or may arrive slightly later depending on the issues you would like to help with. You may find that you would like to arrange for the nanny to leave late morning to allow you to have a much needed lie in.

A night nanny is not responsible for taking on domestic duties/ housework but is able to perform a wide range of services and help with:

  1. Nappy changing
  2. Preparing and Sterilising bottles
  3. Advice on breast feeding
  4. Settling – How to settle your baby during the night.
  5. Advice on sleeping patterns/ routines – Helping you to establish a suitable routine, tailored for your family.
  6. Offer strategies on how to cope with post-natal depression which is common following the recent birth of your baby.
  7. Night time feeding – How best to feed your baby during the night.
  8. If arranged, they can stay longer in the morning to allow you a lie in
  9. Dressing your baby the following morning.
  10. Offer tips and give out helpful advice – on all topics related to helping your child to sleep through the night (room shares, new environments, unsettling siblings etc.)

A night nanny can offer support with:               

  • New-borns – Some parents find it hard getting their new born baby into a suitable sleeping pattern. A night nanny is able to help establish healthy sleeping patterns and a suitable sleeping routine.
  • Older babies/ toddlers – Your toddler may have slept well in the past but you are now struggling to get into a suitable routine or may be waking in the night a lot. Usually this is caused by an alteration in a sleeping pattern. For example, you may have recently been on holiday and your child’s sleeping routine was altered or they may just be going through a phase. A night nanny is able to provide support if you are having difficulties in settling your little one at the beginning of the evening or later if they wake up during the night.

Night Nanny Benefits:

  • Having a night nanny may offer a solution to your night time struggles and will offer a suitable routine that is beneficial to you
  • She will be able to offer you a variety of different tips for dealing with a wide range of issues.
  • Able to offer assistance to parents whose children are not sleeping. This is especially true for working full time parents who may be suffering from a lack of sleep.

Night Nanny Agency Fees:

Rates will vary depending on when you are based and the travel for the nanny. They will also vary depending on what level of experience you require.

Agency Fee, as notified to the Client at the time of registration

Single Baby £150.00-£200.00 per night from 9pm – 7am

Twins £200.00-£250.00 per night from 9pm – 7am

Triplets £250.00-£300.00 per night from 9pm – 7am.

Costs are based on a minimum of 10 hours a night over 5 days

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