Emergency Nannies, Emergency Childcare, Temporary Nannies and a Backup Childcare Plan

We help parents stay prepared with emergency nannies, temporary childcare and backup childcare plans. You can be sure to count on us to find you a last-minute emergency childcare solution.

Do you urgently need an emergency nanny today?

Do you need last minute emergency childcare at short notice for tomorrow or next week?

Do you need a backup childcare plan to cover your nannies annual leave, or medical appointment?

Do you need to arrange a temporary nanny to cover your current nanny’s maternity leave?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions you have come to the right place.

Occasionally, childcare plans fall through at the last minute. Something important may have come up a work, your nanny may have called in sick or your child may be too unwell to attend nursery. We recognise that parents may need backup childcare plans in place, and occasionally emergency childcare, emergency nannies and temporary nannies. That’s why we’ve set up a service to provide both a backup childcare plan and an ad hoc emergency nanny and childcare service.

We provide pre-screened emergency nannies that can be called upon at short notice giving you the peace of mind that you need. It’s hard being a parent, especially if you have a full-time job and work long hours or have irregular shift patterns. We understand that last minute childcare changes can be stressful. That’s where we step in and offer the help and guidance that you need when unscheduled events crop up.

Children are special and require professional childcare. That’s why here at Harmony at Home we offer different childcare solutions to suit your emergency childcare requirements. We believe that nannies and children should have a special relationship and that this should be no different when it comes to arranging an emergency nanny, a temporary nanny or a backup childcare plan.

Our emergency nannies can step in and look after your children for whatever situation, and at very short notice.

All our emergency nannies and temporary nannies have undergone our rigorous screening including a registration interview with one of our recruiters, an enhanced DBS check, verbally verified references and must be at least 21 years of age. They must hold an up to date paediatric First Aid Certificate, relevant qualifications in childcare, along with experience of working with children in a home setting, many have worked with us for many years as emergency nannies and come highly recommended.

How do I book Emergency Childcare?

You can register ahead for a backup childcare plan by submitting our online form below, doing this will save time in the event of a childcare emergency! Simply state that you require a backup childcare plan, and we will discuss how we can help you, along with matching your family requirements to suitable emergency nannies for you to choose from.

If you’re in the UK and need an emergency nanny please call 02078701044 leaving your name, postal code and telephone number and we will call you back and or email you within 1 hour between 7am and 8pm GMT (out of hours messages are retrieved every hour). Alternatively, complete the below form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note that all emergency nannies and childcare are provided by Harmony at Home from pre-screened nannies on our books, and are subject to availability at the time of booking.

How much does Emergency Childcare cost?

The cost of an emergency nanny varies by region, and whether you pay the nanny yourself, or we pay the nanny for you. There is a minimum booking time of 4 hours.

Area Nanny Paid by Agency



£19 per hour












£18 per hour


All other areas



£16 per hour


Payment for all emergency childcare bookings is taken in advance of the booking, to secure the booking. Payment may be made by Faster Payments / CHAPS from online banking, same day and next day bookings can be paid via PayPal, and incur a processing fee of 5%.

If you require the nanny to use her own car you will need to pay the mileage at a rate of 45 pence per mile, directly to the nanny on the day of the booking.

If you need to cancel a booking, please give 24 hours’ notice, to receive a full refund.

Please note that all agency fees are subject to VAT where applicable.