Private Household Grooms and Livery Yard Managers

Private Household Grooms and Livery Yard Managers

What is a Private Household Grooms?

A groom is responsible for the day-to-day care of horses, usually in sole charge caring for the horses. Most grooms will live on site as they are required to care for the horses every day and will be passionate and dedicated.


Grooms are mostly employed in private residences to care for the horses and this will involve feeding, exercising, grooming and cleaning stables (mucking-out). If only one groom is employed, duties can extend to organising feed and bedding deliveries and plaiting for competitions. An HGV licence may be required for driving the larger lorries to events.


  • Grooming.
  • Tacking up.
  • Exercising the horses. (Riding and training)
  • Preparing for, and attending competitions.
  • Everyday care of the horse.
  • Care of tack and equipment.
  • Clipping.
  • Rugging.
  • Mucking out, paddock cleaning.


Grooms are hired to look after the horses in a private residence so it is a day-to-day care for the horses. Such as: feeding, muck collecting, exercise, etc.

What is a private household yard manager?

The yard managers are responsible for the health and safety and maintenance of the complex. A yard manager will not only be responsible for the care of the horses and for managing the grooms but they will also be ‘hands on’ with many of the practical tasks, from mucking out to schooling horses and teaching perhaps the children of the family. The yard manager will also be responsible for organising the farrier, dentist, vet and deliveries such as feed and bedding.

  • Running the yard
  • Caring for the horses
  • Dealing with the clients
  • Managing the staff
  • Transporting horses
  • Organising training plans for the horses
  • Organising shows and events at the yard
  • Implementing health and safety


The yard manager ensures the horses are cared for to a high standard by competent grooms. They are responsible for the smooth running of the yard and are the point of contact between the property owner and the yard/equestrian interest.