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Looking for a Maternity Nurse? If you are currently expecting, or have a new-born, our Norland Nanny and maternity expert Allie Bell can help you to feel relaxed and confident. A Maternity Nurse will allow you to continue your daily life as normally as possible.

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London and UK Maternity Agency owner, Allie Bell

A maternity nurse or nanny will provide you with routine guidance and training, catering both to your and your baby’s needs. This might typically include a good baby sleep routine, guidance on feeding, washing, dressing and bonding, organising a nursery and helping around the house with chores. We also provide doulas and nanny consultants.

Our Maternity services: Maternity nurses 24 hours/day for up to 6 days a week; Emergency maternity nurses; Doulas; Feeding experts; Maternity consultants; baby sleep consultants; Weaning experts; Specialists in twins, triplets and multiple births including special deliveries and premature babies; Reflux and colic experts.

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maternity nuse agency london, baby sleep consultants

Who we are: The Harmony at Home maternity agency is owned and managed by trained Maternity Nurse and Norland Nanny Allie Bell. With more than 20 years’ experience in childcare, she can advise on all areas of Maternity care,  and recruitment of a Maternity Nurse. You can contact her via the form below or directly email:

I wanted to make you aware of Allie’s excellent customer service along the way. When I came to Allie I did not possess much knowledge whatsoever with regards to the hiring of maternity nurses or nannies and Allie has always been extremely helpful, honest and forthcoming with advice about the whole process. I have always been very appreciative along the way to Allie for her approach. Allie has always been very understanding and patient with me as I went back and forth with queries and has always helped me to the best of her ability. Allie worked very hard finding suitable candidates who fulfilled all of the requirements and even emailed me over the weekend when the search became urgent.
Allie has always gone above and beyond with regards to her level of service in comparison to other agencies I have dealt with and I am certain she will continue to demonstrate this with future clients and continue to be successful. Wishing Allie and your agency all the very best for the future. Laura, London.

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How Maternity Care works

If you would like to enquire about a maternity nurse, doula or another of our maternity consultants, the first step is to contact us – by email or by filling in the call-back form at the bottom of this page. This service is very popular, so please register your interest as far in advance as possible. (We generally take bookings for maternity nurses 3-6 months before the expected due date.)

Once we’ve spoken to you about your needs, we will give you the details of a suitable maternity nurse in your area. All of our maternity nurses are self-employed, so you should arrange any contract and payment deals directly with them. We will charge an introductory fee (see below for ‘How much does it cost?’).

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What to consider

To get the most out of your maternity nurse, we advise that you think carefully about the kind of routine you would like to create and any specific requirements. These might include:

  • Your preferred feeding routine – structured, flexi or supply-on-demand
  • Your preferred daily routine
  • If you require sleep training
  • Who you would like to do night-time feeds, changes & settling
  • Your expectations of the maternity nurse / nanny
  • Any specific views or beliefs on sleeping, feeding, controlled crying & crying
  • If you intend for the baby to sleep in the same room as the maternity nurse / nanny
  • How you would like to feed the baby

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How much does Maternity Care cost?

After discussing your requirements, we will recommend a Harmony at Home-registered Maternity Nurse. Our finding fees are as follows:

£90 per week
£25 per day

£140 per week
£45 per day

Nanny Consultant:
UK: £30 per day or part thereof
International £45 per day or part thereof

You should agree payment terms and conditions directly with your maternity nurse. All of our maternity nurses are self employed and are liable for their own Tax and National Insurance contributions.

As a guide, please use the following rates:

One Baby £225+ per 24hrs

Twins £275+ per 24hrs

Triplets £325+ per 24hrs

Junior Maternity Nurse £200+ per 24hrs

Please note: Clients are requested to reimburse reasonable traveling expenses for interviews and travel at commencement of post. For overseas positions, the employer is responsible for all travel and medical insurance and the cost of the return flight.

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Contact our London, UK based Maternity Division

Harmony at Home Maternity Nurse and Newborn Baby Experts in London

67 Wingate Square, Clapham Common, London, SW4 0AF

Tel 02070604420


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