Our top wooden toy gifts for Christmas 2018

November 30, 2018

Looking for top wooden toy gifts for Christmas? We have cherry picked the best eco friendly wooden toys for children, from our in house boutique.

Christmas is a few weeks away and gifts are flying off the shelves. Time to do some online shopping. Struggling to find the perfect gift? Harmony at Home Children’s Eco Boutique has fantastic gifts for children of all ages. We specialise in personalised wooden toys. Making every toy special, unique and long-lasting.

We have provided you with a list of our bestsellers, perfect for Christmas 2018.

Gifts for animal lovers!

Wooden rabbit hutch: suitable for ages 3+ years. A gorgeous wooden hutch, which comes with a fluffy bunny, a carrot, cabbage, water bottle, brush and removable ramp.  This hutch can also be made extra special with personalisation.


Animal Stacking Game: perfect for little ones. A fun game, which enhances hand to eye co-ordination. It is made with beautiful bright coloured woodland creatures. The aim of the game is to stack the woodland creatures on the 3 wooden pegs. This present can be personalised. Suitable for either genders and suitable for 12 months+.

Wooden vet kit: suitable for 3years+. This wooden Vet Kit includes 7 different items to help get the bunny back on its paws. There are tweezers, a syringe, thermometer, 2 x bottles of medicine, a tube of ointment and a stethoscope. All of the pieces, including the bunny, fit inside the case- making this a great toy to take when traveling. Can be personalised.


Wooden farm set: suitable for 3years+. This farm set has all your expected animals you see on a farm- horse, sheep, cow, pig, duck and chicken along with a farmer and his wife. It also includes a wooden fence and two trees to complete the farm scene. The farm house doors open to add extra fun when playing and all items can be stored safely inside once finished playing. Can be personalised when requested.

Wooden pull along tractor: suitable for 12months+. Comes complete with a detachable trailer and farm animals.  A Pig, Horse, Cow, hay bale and milk churn are all included and fit onto the back of the trailer. The wooden tractor has rubber wheel coverings making it slide easily and smoothly across the floor. Pull it along the floor with the red string attached to the front of the tractor, or little ones can just push it along instead. Plenty of hours of fun will be had with this toy. Can also be personalised.

Gifts for 1year+

Wooden bear walker: perfect for children that are learning to walk and wanting to play and develop at the same time. It helps enhance all stages of development. As well as doubling up into a toy box. This walker can be made extra special with personalisation.


Cascading wooden cars: Suitable for 2years+. Cascading Wooden Cars is a fun game, Watch the four coloured cars zoom down the track. Tiny hands can put the cars back to the top to see another exciting race! This game can also be personalised, to make car lovers dreams come true.

Gifts for age 3years+

Wooden popcorn machine: suitable for children age 3+ years. Great for children’s imaginations. Pull the side handle down to make the popcorn pop and bounce around. Then open the front and pour the popcorn into a classic wooden striped popcorn basket. With cut out tickets, people can come and purchase your special popcorn when playing.


Wooden chess and checkers: suitable for 6years+. A perfect travel game. This game turns form a case to a chess and checkers board game. This game can also be personalised if you wish.




DIY wooden Christmas tree: suitable for 4+ years. Get festive this Christmas with this DIY tree. Colour or paint the wooden Christmas tree sections to make your 3D tree. Then thread the coloured beads and the extra wooden items such as the stocking and candy canes to decorate and complete the tree. Made from wood, with wooden beads and nylon string.


Wild animal bookends: This lovely set of Wild Animal Bookends will be a bright and colourful addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. They feature friendly looking animals, with butterflies mounted on springs for extra fun. They have non-scratch bottoms, and personalisation is available. Great for any book lover.


Song bird musical box: suitable for 3years+. This musical box is decorated with a bird theme. Open up the lid to find a bird dancing to Le temps des cerises by Antoine Renard. Inside there’s plenty of room for necklaces, bracelets and much more! Can also be personalised.

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