The Top Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

July 11, 2017

Hiring a Nanny

When it comes to childcare they are so many different options to choose from. You may be returning to work and need someone to take care of your baby when you are not around. Hiring someone to look after your child is a big thing. You want to make sure that you choose the right childcare route to go down. You may have looked into hiring a nanny but would like to know the benefits of doing so are.

Benefits of hiring a Nanny:

A Nanny tailored to your requirements

Live in, live out, full time or part time. When you employ a nanny to work with your family, there are lots of different elements you will need to take into consideration. Having this ability allows you to find the perfect nanny who fits it with the requirements that you are looking for.

Sole charge care

A nanny will solely focus on the care of your child/ children. This enables them to get to know your children and provide sole tailored care for the needs of your children.

A nanny would work with in your home environment

The care of your child or children by a nanny would be undergone within your family home. Unlike other child care options, a nanny would care for your child within your home and not theirs. This allows for your child to remain settled and will prevent them from having to get use to other surroundings. Especially if you work from home, you have the flexibility to spend time with your children when you can. Allowing you not to have to worry about their day to day care.

Establish and build up a personal relationship

Having a nanny who is solely taking care of your child, can help them to build up a relationship and ensure they are able to make the most of their time together. A Nanny would be able to provide your child with a secure routine and would be able to offer them reassurance when you are not there. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your child is being look after by someone who cares a great deal for them.

Disciplinary action can be taken when appropriate

When discipline needs to be put in place, a Nanny should be able to take the appropriate course of action. A discussion between you and the nanny when they start is important to ensure they gain an understanding of how is best expected for them to discipline your child when needed. It can be a hard topic to cover but establishing this first off, can help them to understand their role.

Social activities can be arranged to ensure a suitable daily routine

A nanny is able to arrange day to day activities for your child to get involved with. This provides you with reassurance knowing that your child’s day to day routine is being taken care of. If you are a busy, working parent, you may not have the time to sort out activities or social events for them. Rest assured , a Nanny is able to take care of this.

Family bond created

When you hire a nanny, they will become part of the family. Nanny’s work close to your family, so generally they become a valued part of the family.

Extra help available if needed

Establishing a relationship with your nanny, ensures that you can on them for extra help or hours if and when needed.

So, if employing a nanny sounds like the right childcare options for you, all that is left to do is to find the perfect one for your family. Register with Harmony at Home today, and we will be able to find the prefect fit for your family.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

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