Super Nannies and Nanny Experts

Super nannies and Nanny Experts are readily available to you, and they will help to resolve any problems with babies and children. You may be finding that you are struggling with practical or behavioural problems with your baby or child. A super nanny is on hand and able to come and visit you at your home and will work with you to help resolve any problems that you may be experiencing, many super nannies are child behavioural specialists.


It is common for parents to request a Super Nanny to help them with the following:

  • The transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding – a common problem that many mothers struggle with.
  • Table manners – How to implement and ensure good table manners from an early age.
  • Siblings – How to deal with sibling rivalries or sibling jealousy. This is common when having a 2nd
  • Nutrition – Ensuring your baby and or child eats food that is suitable and nutritious.
  • Discipline – Best and effective ways to discipline your child.
  • Behavioural issues that you may be experiencing with your child, like tantrums.
  • Weaning – Making the transition from milk to solid food.
  • Sleeping routines – Establishing a good sleep routine for you child.
  • Potty training – What is the best way to introduce your child to using a potty.
  • Internet Safety – helping to set up computers to protect children and educating children to use the internet responsibly.

Super Nannies and Nanny Expert Fees:

We offer a free initial 15 minute telephone or Skype consultation with a qualified Norland Nanny. Please book below.

Following on from the initial consultation we charge £20 per 30mins or part thereof for continued telephone or Skype consultations.

Super Nannies and Nanny Experts charge from £20 per hour for in house consultations (minimum booking time of 4 hours) plus reasonable travel expenses.

Baby Sleep Experts, and Nanny Chefs charge £35 per hour for in house consultations (minimum booking time of 4 hours) plus reasonable travel expenses.

Agency fee £30.00 per day +vat

Super Nannies and Nanny Expert Benefits:

  • A super nanny has extensive experience with resolving the baby and child issues listed above, and will have many tried and tested solutions to every day baby and child problems.
  • A super nanny can offer practical advice, and you will benefit from years of experience and professional training at a college such as the Norland College.
  • Many super nannies have additional skills and may be able to teach you child additional languages, a musical instrument and equestrian skills.
  • Super nannies will offer your child the opportunity to develop interests and hobbies that are well balanced and broad.
  • Some super nannies may hold pediatric dietetic qualifications, and will be able to advise on weaning and eating, as well as producing a tailor made menu for your baby and child.

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