Should children be doing chores?

May 30, 2017

Do you expect your children to do chores?

Children and chores. The 2 ‘C’s’. Knowing when and if to ask your children/nanny children to help around the house and with some light chores, can be hard. At some point they will have to start, that’s life!

Unfortunately house work is just part of life. Washing needs to be cleaned, dishes need to be scrubbed and the house needs to be kept tidy. Whose job is this is in your household? Does it just fall down to one person and get left to them? Or does everyone get involved and share the responsibility?

The real question is, do you think children should be included and given roles?

It is a difficult question and one that does not just have one answer. Every family is different and that’s okay. Some may say that ‘yes’ children should do light chores and some will disagree believing that children should just be able to enjoy their childhood and not have to worry about housework.

There is no right answer so everyone is open to their own opinions.

It all about finding the right balance.

Maybe you think that it is time to start introducing your children/nanny children to chores but don’t know when the right age to do this is. Again, there is no correct answer. But, if you think that your children are able to carry out some light tasks/chores, give it a go and see how they take it.

Slowly but surely:

The best way to introduce chores to children is slowly and realistically. Don’t give them a pile of washing and say ‘can you wash all this for me’ because let’s face it, that’s not going to happen. Introduce some practical jobs to them that they will be able to carry out with ease. For example: getting them to take their plate/bowl out to the kitchen once they have finished with it, or asking them to clear away toys they have played with or any mess they have made. These are realistic and achievable tasks for children and are great ways to start teaching them some housework.

Don’t feel guilty:

You shouldn’t feel like asking them to do some light chores is too much to ask for. You shouldn’t think that they are going to miss out on ‘playtime’. Giving them some light responsibilities gives them a sense of responsibility. It starts to gives them an insight of daily life and an understanding of their actions.

Nannies and families, children and chores do they mix? Have a go at introducing some light house chores and see how they take it. You never know, they may love it!

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

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