Rainy Day Fun!

March 29, 2018

Unfortunately, the British Weather is very unpredictable. As we approach summer time, we long for a bit of warmth and sunshine and look forward to spending days at the beach and the playground. However, we can not always guarantee the weather is always going to be so nice. It is most likely that our summer will contain many rainy, wet days.

It can be hard to keep children entertained when you are stuck at home all day. Coming up with new ideas to keep your children or charges occupied can be hard.

Discover our ‘Rainy Day Guide’ for ideas to entertain all!

Grab a jar and some paper and write a few of these ideas down. Fold the paper and put in the jar. When the sun is not shining, grab the jar and pull out an idea!

  • Make a Scrapbook
  • Do some baking – cakes, cookies or cupcakes
  • Have a go at a jigsaw puzzle
  • Play a board game
  • Invite a friend over
  • Read a book
  • Write a story
  • Imaginative play
  • Create your own cinema – watch a film
  • Have a clear out/ de-clutter – toys, clothes
  • Dress up in fancy dress
  • Organise a fashion show
  • Get creative with crafts – check out our paper plate craft activity!
  • Do some colouring or painting
  • Build a den/ fort
  • Play hide & seek
  • Have a treasure hunt around the house
  • Have a dance or singing competition
  • Plan an activity for a sunny day
  • Go for a splash in the Garden – if the rain is not too heavy

So, when the sun is not shining and you find yourself stuck indoors with your children or charges, grab your jar of rainy day activities and have fun with these fun ideas! Who said staying in has to be boring?

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2018

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