Nanny Tutors for Private Households

What is a Nanny Tutor?

A nanny tutor is a specialist nanny who can help your children academically. This support could be finding another way to learn, for the children. Nanny tutors are capable with 7/8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level and IB. Hiring a nanny tutor will be positive for the children’s education, allowing them to succeed academically. Nanny tutors are flexible, they can fit in with your requirements wherever you are such as: on a yacht, in a hotel, in the air or at home. We source and place Nanny Tutors with families in London, the UK and further afield internationally.

Some nanny tutors can offer more than the main subjects of the curriculum. They can also teach the children a new language, how to swim, how to play a music instrument this is similar to a governess.

As the requirements are discussed, the costs of employing a nanny tutor will vary. £30-£40 gross per hour would be the average fees for hiring a part time nanny tutor. A full-time nanny tutor can earn between £800- £1300 gross per week depending on age, experience and qualifications, working between 35-40 hours a week. Usually nanny tutors are hired collectively and not per hour.

A nanny tutor should be highly qualified and experienced, supporting your children academically. Nanny tutors are there to guide and assist the children if they are struggling with a specific subject.

Nanny Tutor Duties

  • Creating a curriculum specifically for the individual child.
  • One-to-one support sessions.
  • Care for the children when in their care.
  • Supporting the children, whether it is for an exam or just homework.
  • Making sure the children are prepared for an exam.
  • A qualified tutor will have a teaching background with excellent subject specific knowledge.
  • Must be patient and able to motivate the children to learn.
  • Provide a positive learning environment.

Nanny Tutor Summary

Nanny tutors are beneficial for your children’s education as they can provide a one-to-one support, allowing your children to proceed to a brighter future. They are responsible for the curriculum supporting your child on a certain subject, helping with homework, preparing your children for an exam. A nanny tutor’s focus is to support the child’s education, helping them grasp the concepts of a subjects.

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