Maternity Nurse

What is a Maternity Nurse?

Following the birth of a new born, a maternity nurse on hand gives parents comfort knowing they have support from an experienced expert available for when they need it. The work of a maternity nurse usually starts from when the baby is first born, to when they are around the age of 3 months.


The overall role of a maternity nurse is to care, support and teach new parents how they should care for their new born. For many new parents, this is a daunting and scary time so having someone on hand to lend a hand can make it a little easier. A maternity nurse is particularly useful for parents of twins. Offering that ‘extra pair of hands’ can really help through the first weeks/ months.

They also offer timeout for parents to rest following the birth. A maternity nurse is there to offer support and advice and is able to carry out duties relating to care of the mother and baby by taking on ‘nursery duties’. Making sure that ‘mum’ is also looked after and cared for is also a top priority for a maternity nurse. Especially if you have gone through a C section. You will require looking after and some much needed ‘TLC’ as well as you’re new born. Everyone’s family requirements are unique, so the duties of the maternity nurse will differ.

A maternity nurse will aim to develop a suitable routine for your baby to ensure your little one is settling in to family life.

Usually a maternity nurse will ‘live-in’ with a family, working 24 hours per day, 5/6 days a week. A maternity nurse is going to become part of the family so should be provided with a room and bathroom of their own. A maternity nurse is entitled to a break and some time out, so a room for her to be able to do this is also beneficial. You may find that you only require a maternity nurse during the day or at night. Again, this is unique to each family.

If you are planning on having a maternity nurse to help you through the first few months with your new born, it is recommended to start the search sooner rather than later as most are booked up in advance. Having a maternity nurse booked in advance will also allow them to prepare and get to know you, prior to you having the baby.


Maternity Nurse Fee’s

The rate for a maternity nurse varies.

Agency fee £90.00 per week +vat or £25.00 per night +vat

Maternity Nurse from £200.00 per 24 hours

Junior Maternity Nurse from £180.00 per 24 hours

Agency fee £90.00 per week +vat

Maternity Nurse Benefits:

  • You have support through the first stages following the birth of your baby.
  • They will also provide care for ‘mum’ as well following the recent birth.
  • You are able to seek advice from someone who has professional training and experience.
  • A maternity nurse is able to provide relief for families and is able to help with day to day general housework. For example: washing the baby’s laundry.
  • They are available 24hours a day and can always be ‘on hand’ if you need them to be.