Maternity Nurse and Newborn Childcare

March 21, 2016

Maternity Nurses- Why, What, Where and When?

Having a child is such an incredible experience that many families look forward too. However having a child can be tiring, stressful and sometimes difficult to deal with when living a busy day-to-day life. This is where the help of a Maternity Nurse comes in great use.

Unlike a ‘normal’ nanny that many families have when their child is older and parents are planning on going back to work, the Maternity Nurse is with you from when your baby is first born. Their focus is on the newborn baby and carrying out all duties relating to the care of the mother and baby in the first few weeks after birth.

Why hire a Maternity Nurse?

Maternity Nurses are beneficial to many families because they assist in establishing a routine within the home environment (which is very helpful to new families as adjusting to a new life can be quite stressful and tiring). Day-to-day tasks are helped by the Maternity Nurse, for example: baby’s laundry, tidying the baby’s room and sterilising and making up the baby’s bottles. As well as this, they help teach the importance of safety and hygiene around the baby, which perhaps not all pre and post natal classes explain fully.

Becoming a new mother or becoming a mother for the second or third time can be difficult as every pregnancy and birth is different. This means that support is always needed and one of the pros of having a Maternity Nurse is that they help with postnatal care and they also encourage and support with breast feeding as it is so beneficial for mother and baby. Some mother’s find breastfeeding more difficult than others and need as much as support as possible that perhaps their partner can’t always easily fulfill.

When living a busy life and being a working mum sleep is also very important to be able to function properly and therefore the live-in Maternity Nurse assists with setting up sleeping patterns and caring for your baby throughout the night so you are able to get your full 8 hours of sleep a night.

Overall there are many positives for having a Maternity Nurse, and as working mothers are becoming more common within the 21st Century, having a Maternity Nurse means that you can experience motherhood with ease whilst enjoying being a successful business person.

Maternity Nurse Agency London

Maternity Nurse Agency London

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