Little known ways to be the best Nanny

May 17, 2017

Little known ways to be the best nanny that you can be…

A nanny is a valued part of the family. Being a nanny can be a tough job. It can be demanding and can involve working long hours of the day. However, it can also be rewarding, exciting and fulfilling.

With these little known ways, you can be the best nanny:

Be on time… or early

Your employer is going to be relying on you! Always aim to arrive on time or even better, try and arrive early. This not only shows reliability & professionalism to your employer, but also that you are keen to start the job.

Be positive

Every job will bring with it new challenges and obstacles. If you have a problem, make sure you consider all the possible solutions before bringing it to your employer. Remain open to these challenges, and this will have a positive reflection on you. Always remain cheery and have a smile on your face. Your positivity will have an effect on the environment and the people with in it.

Be an outstanding role model

Children may see you as someone they can look up to and can go to for guidance. Because of this, it is only right that parents want a nanny who they know have good morals and can be a suitable role model for their children. How you come across and what your personality is like, will have an impact on the children you care for. Being a good role model means that you are able to demonstrate good confidence and leadership, communicate and interact with everyone and show respect and concern to all.

Be outgoing

All nannies carry different responsibilities. To be the best nanny you can, make sure nothing is too much trouble. Take initiative and when necessary, go above and beyond.

Communicate effectively

As with any job, communicating to your employer is key. If you have a problem or if their is something that you are wanting to discuss, make sure you arrange to speak with them. This should be arranged within a suitable environment. Don’t let it go under the surface or keep it hidden away. The same goes if you know that you are going to need to take some time off. Try and give your employer a decent amount of time to find alternative childcare arrangements. Leaving things to the last minute is unprofessional and does not give your employer the best impression.

Feedback to your employer what you have done with their children or any key things that you think they might like to know. A great way to remember key things that might have taken place during the day, is to record them in a diary. Harmony at Home’s company director and qualified Norland Nanny, Frankie Gray, has written her very own version of a nanny diary that allows you to record day to day events and important pieces of information that you may like to forward to your employer. For example: nap times, feeding times/meals etc. This handy diary is perfect for all nannies, especially those who are caring for younger children, allowing you to record any progress that a child might be making.

Always give 110%

Being a nanny requires 110% commitment.  Some days can be harder than others; you may feel less motivated or you may just be having ‘one of those days’. It is important that you don’t let this effect your work and the job that you are required to do.

These are just a few things that you can do to ensure that you are being the best nanny that you can and to have a top level relationship with your employer and their family.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

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