Do you know enough about the Early Years Foundation Stage?

October 7, 2016

The EYFS is a set of standards and requirements and they must be followed by childcarers looking after children aged 0-5 like such as nannies, childminders, nurseries and pre-schools. Did you know that you need to be up to date in your knowledge of the EYFS?

The importance of EYFS

In August 2016, the UK government announced the beginning of consultation proposals to change the ways that early years education is funded. This is because children develop quickly during their early years, and therefore deserve the best possible start in life. As a result of developing quickly, this is in place to ensure that they can achieve to their full potential. Therefore this type of education is important as early experiences in life can affect them as they grow up.

Voice – the union for education, early years, and childcare professionals is pleased that proposals have been made. As this means that a fairer system can hopefully be created, resulting in it becoming easier for families to access high quality and affordable childcare.

The EYFS doesn’t simply focus on childcare.

Other focuses

The EYFS also focuses on children being provided with the best quality early years education. Early years learning also has an impact on the rest of their lives and further education. Therefore the EYFS is there to ensure that children learn and develop well, but are also safe, healthy and happy.

There are four distinct and fundamental guiding principles in the EYFS:

  • Every child is unique
  • Through positive relationships children can learn to be strong and independent
  • Children learn and develop best in enabling environments
  • Children learn and develop at different rates and in different ways

These principles are intended to shape all areas of practice in early years settings.

As well as this, the EYFS requirements are divided into 2 key areas:

  • learning and development – shaping the experiences children are offered
  • safeguarding and welfare – ensuring that the welfare of children is promoted and that they are kept safe

Every nanny and child carer needs to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about the EYFS.

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