Activities for all to celebrate St George’s Day 2018

April 20, 2017

What to do this St George’s Day…

As always, St George’s day is celebrated on the 23rd April and is a day to celebrate the Patron Saint of England, St George.

So, nannies and parents, get involved this year with your children and see what fun you can have. We have lots of ideas for ways in which you can celebrate that are ideal for days at home and are set to keep children entertained.

Activities for children to get involved with to celebrate St George’s Day…

Dress up/role play

An entertaining activity that children will love! Most children will have heard of the well know legend of Saint George and the Dragon, whereby George slays a dragon and saves a young princess.

Encourage your children to have a go at recreating the well known story of George and the Dragon. Have a go at dressing up as a dragon, a princess or as St George himself. There is so much fun to be had with dressing up and this is an activity that all are able to get involved in.

When characters have been allocated and costumes sorted. Why not give some role play a go? Re-in-act the story and bring it to life!


Baking is a great activity that children participate in to celebrate.

There are so many traditional British treats that can be made in the kitchen that are related to St Georges Day.

  • Scones with cream and jam
  • A Victoria sponge cake. Make it even more special and decorate with the England Flag design.
  • Cupcakes with a dragon design
  • Cookies – shaped like dragons or shields

Craft activities for children to get involved with St Georges Day 2018…

Have a go at making…

Dragon masks:

These are one of the most exciting ways to celebrate St Georges Day with children. Have a go at designing your own mask template and cutting it out or simply have a look for a template on the internet.


A dragon is the perfect craft to make for St George’s Day! Have a go at recycling some of your old household items. Old egg boxes or toilet roll tubes are perfect to reuse and up cycle. See how creative you can be and what you can make.

Sock puppet dragons:

Put your old socks to good use and create some dragon sock puppets!

Simply grab a green sock (or any other colour if you would prefer) stick on some cut out eyes, fire and wings and have fun with your very own dragon. Once finished, have a go at recreating the story of St George and the Dragon with your creations.

Enjoyable to make and play with after.

St George’s helmet/shield/ sword:

Have a go a designing your own helmet, shield or sword and have a go at ‘slaying’ the dragons. This is a great way to be creative and is also set to keep children occupied.

The England flag

Saint George is the Patron Saint of England so it seems only right to create the England Flag. Have a go at using red and white tissue paper and sticking it down in the shape of the England flag or have ago at designing your own British bunting with a red and white theme.

So, nannies and parents, whatever way you decide to celebrate St Georges Day 2018 with your children, make sure you have fun! Whether you get messy with a craft or take a day trip out, remember to get involved and enjoy the day.

To find out more about St Georges Day, click here!

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2018

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