Super-Yacht Nannies

Super-Yacht Nannies

What is a Super-Yacht Nanny?

Super-yacht nannies are high calibre nannies, working on super-yachts at the highest levels of luxury. A super-yacht nanny is similar to a nanny who works in someone’s home. However, a super-yacht nanny’s responsibilities become more challenging as the children will be in their care on board for a short period, so a super-yacht nanny does not necessarily have enough time to become close to the children. Therefore, the super-yacht nanny must plan and schedule educational and recreational activities that would be safe and fun for all the children, challenging the nanny’s planning and scheduling abilities.

Two of the most important responsibilities for super-yacht nannies are to keep the children safe and providing them with an exciting experience while on board. The planed and scheduled activities on board the super-yacht should be safe and fun for all children.

Super-yacht nannies are required to have training in child care and development, super-yacht nannies should have Paediatric First Aid, a driver’s license and proven childcare on-the-job experience with good professional and character references.

A super-yacht nanny can earn between £800-£1300 gross per week depending on age, experience and qualifications. They are highly paid as they provide a luxurious lifestyle for the families who are on board.

Super-Yacht Nanny Duties

  • Prepare education and recreational activities for children.
  • Supervising the bathing and dressing for the children.
  • Washing and ironing the children’s clothing.
  • Planning and supervising meals of the children and cleaning both the dining area and the children after meals.
  • Shopping for the children’s needs.
  • Helping children with homework.
  • Reinforcing appropriate discipline.
  • Light housework.

Super-Yacht Nanny Summary

Super-yacht nannies are similar to normal nannies, but the safety of the children is one of the most important responsibilities as the yacht can be dangerous for children, so the nannies have to make sure that the children are supervised at all times. The responsibilities of a super-yacht nanny are similar to a nanny who works in a home, but the responsibilities are more challenging due to short amount of time spent with the children so the nanny has plan and schedule activities which will be fun and safe for all the children on board. Super-yacht nannies are a luxury service as the nannies will be caring for the children of high profile families, meaning the nannies are highly paid as they are providing a very high standard of care for their children allowing the families to have a luxurious lifestyle.