British Governess and Bilingual Governess

What is a British Governess or Bilingual Governess?

A British governess teaches children within a private household. This is different from a nanny as a governess will be more focused on making sure the children reach their full potential, whilst ensuring the children are safe and cared for. A governess should hold a teaching qualification, a bachelor’s degree and have a high amount of experience to prove that they can teach at a very high standard.

A governess will tailor your children’s education to fit whatever your children needs. Some governesses can be fluent in multiple languages, so this will allow the governess to teach the children multiple languages, allowing children to become bilingual. This is just one example of what a governess can offer.

A governess can provide great educational development for your children if the parents live in multiple locations so there will no interruption in the child’s education. Similarly, if the family travel a lot, employing a governess will allow the child to continue their education. Governesses usually work with children from the age of 5 and up, allowing a full range of educational support for your children.

Most governesses earn between £800-£1300 gross per week depending on age, experience and qualifications. Governesses are mostly hired by high profile families allowing their children to reach their full potential.

Governess Duties

• Teaching languages – If a governess is fluent in multiple languages, and if it is part of their duty then teaching the child a specific language will be included (only if required). This will allow the child to learn a second language, allowing the child to become bilingual. Due to schools only teaching language at a certain time of the day, having a governess is an advantage as the child will be able to experience learning a second language on a whole different level as a governess will be able extend the lessons, allowing the child to understand the language more quickly and comfortably.
• Teaching etiquette – A governess will teach the children manners and how to behave in a social situation such as how to hold a conversation, how to greet people, what to say and what not to say in a certain situation. Overall, allowing the children to be able to handle any social gathering.
• Music lessons – Some governesses can teach your child the fundamentals of music, such as how to play a piano or other instruments. This will allow a variety in the child’s routine, improving the learning ability of the child. Since it is a fact that studying music can enhance math and science skills.
• Art lessons – Art is another lesson which a governess can provide such as how to paint and draw. This will enhance the child’s creativity allowing your child to see things differently in life and be more appreciative towards art.

Governess Summary

A governess’s focus is to provide the highest standard in educational development and social development for young children, as it will allow children to become prepared for school life and social life. A governess and a nanny are not the same, their purposes are different. Governesses are responsible for educational development and social development, whereas nannies are responsible for full nursery duties.

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