Globalisation and the Rise of the Modern Governess

January 28, 2016

For many, the term ‘governess’ conjures up a romantic image of nineteenth century England; with its grand stately-homes, immaculate lawns and afternoon teas on the terrace, served from a silver salver. The governess was a trusted and respected member of the household staff who was paid to educate and instruct young ladies and gentlemen on the finer things in life; from reading, writing and arithmetic to poetry, etiquette and the arts. However, since the decline of the British Empire in the twentieth century, the luxury of a household governess has been largely the preserve of royalty…..until now.

In many parts of the world, including the UK, Russia and the Middle East, the demand for governesses is once again on the rise. This is down to many factors, the most important of which is probably globalisation.

In a highly globalised world, the competition for places in some of world’s top schools and universities has never been greater. With so many children competing for the same prize, a governess can offer a real advantage when it comes to education. Many modern governesses are highly qualified professionals, and can offer first-class tuition specifically tailored to a child’s particular needs; be they linguistic, musical or even cultural. Furthermore, in contrast to more traditional schooling, a governess is completely free of distractions and other classroom concerns.

The globalisation of business has also encouraged an increasingly international lifestyle, in which some families have multiple residences around the world. This situation has the potential to be highly disruptive to a child’s education. But, with a travelling tutor, in the form of a governess, the educational continuity of a child can be maintained wherever they are in the world.

Finally, with the globalisation of the world’s media, no one’s ever more than a Tweet away from complete global exposure. For high profile figures in society, this unwanted intrusion can be particularly damaging and, in some cases, even dangerous for their families. Compared to standard schooling, a discrete and professional governess can both educate and protect high profile children from the public eye.

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By Rob Hodgkison, Harmony at Home Ltd. All rights reserved, 2016

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