Franchisee Profile: Philippa Day


Philippa Day has extraordinary powers! On the outside, she is a busy mother of two; ferrying her children, from one place to another, just like any other mum or dad at the school gate! However, when the children are away, Philippa reveals a hidden secret. As well as being a busy mum, who is always available when her children need her, Philippa Day is also an extremely successful businesswoman.

So, how does Philippa achieve such superhuman feats? The answer is clear: as well as being a dedicated mum, Philippa is also the proud owner of the Harmony at Home Berkshire franchise.

Owning my own business,” explains Philippa Day, “has affected my life in such a positive way. I can now be as successful as I choose to be; and the harder I work, and the more passionate I am about my job, the better my own personal family life becomes. And, as a working mum, I can also spend more quality time with my children; picking them up from school and helping them with trumpet and guitar practice!

Philippa’s long and distinguished path to superhero status began in 1994, when she qualified as a Chiltern Nanny. She then spent two decades building her reputation as a world class nanny, working in the UK and overseas.

In 2012, Philippa then decided to become her own boss, and purchased the Harmony at Home Berkshire franchise in 2014. And she hasn’t looked back since! Having recovered her initial investment within four months, Philippa then went on to achieve a rolling turnover of £50K!

And the moral of the story…with the right business formula, combined with a lot of hard work and dedication, any mum can become a Supermum!

Philippa Day, Harmony at Home Nanny Agency Berkshire Franchisee

Philippa Day, Harmony at Home Nanny Agency Berkshire Franchisee