Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I start?

The start up procedure involves two main stages: 1) The franchise agreement, which has to be drawn up and signed, and 2) training. This process can be completed in less than one month, but can take longer; depending on the applicants individual circumstances.

Where does the training take place?

Training takes place at our Head Office in Haywards Heath, West Sussex or at our office in London. In exceptional circumstances, we may also consider other venues.

What are the annual costs for running a franchise?

On average a franchise will need £5,000 a year, broken down as;

£3,000 a year for advertising

£1,000 a year for office costs

£700 a year for branded product costs

£300 a year for insurance

What is the annual turnover for a typical franchise? 

Typical turnover for a franchise depends, primarily, on the size, prosperity and demography of the territory. However, as a rough guide, we suggest the following figures: For a small franchise (£30K to £50K), medium (£50K to £80K) and large (£80K+)

How quickly does a franchise become established?

All new territories have candidates and clients, who are already being served by Harmony at Home Head Office. This means that new franchises become established within a matter of weeks.

Can I work from home?

Yes, all you need is a fast and reliable internet connection.

Can a franchise be flexible in relation to family life?

Yes! This is one of the huge advantages of owning a Harmony at Home business franchise.

How long is the training and how much does it cost?

Training takes up to two weeks and is included in the cost of the franchise.

How long is the franchise agreement?

5 years

What is a ‘business in a box’?

All new franchisees receive everything they need, including materials and training, to start their business.

How do you define a franchise territory?

Territories are defined by county using postcode data or maps for country territories.

Can I contact other franchisees to inform my decision?

Other franchisees can be contacted after your application to purchase has been received. All contact will be arranged via Head Office.

How much working capital do I need?

We suggest a working capital of £3,000

Who is my contact for support and advice?

Your main source of support is provided by our Head Office in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

How does Head Office communicate with franchisees?

In addition to regular telephone and email contact, Head Office produces a bimonthly newsletter and organises two annual meetings for all franchisees. There is also a closed Harmony at Home Facebook site available to all franchisees, to exchange ideas and provide support.

What help will I receive for local advertising?

Head Office runs national marketing campaigns for all franchisees. Local campaigns are primarily the responsibility of individual franchisees. However, Head Office can also offer help, if required.

Which professional trade organisations do you belong to?

Harmony at Home is a member of four professional trade bodies: the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (Pacey), the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Nanny Tax agency+, and the International Nanny Association.

Is your brand protected?

Yes, the Harmony at Home brand logo became a registered trademark on the 5th August 2015