Encouraging your children to eat healthy Food

October 13, 2017

Healthy Eating and children

Trying to get your children or charges to eat healthy can be a constant battle. Children protest and refuse different things but eating their fruits and vegetables always seems to be on every parents list.

Children need healthy and nutritious foods in order to grow and develop. Most of the time parents and child carers have the right intentions of giving them the food that is good for them, however it is not always that simple.

The good news is, that there is a few things you can implement to encourage your child healthy.

Eat together

Children are usually more willing to try new foods when eating together as a family. This may not be possible to achieve every night as you may have a busy schedule or your child may be young so needs to eat earlier. However, take it gradually and may be try eating together once a week. Children are often influenced by what they see others eating so try and be a good role model to them by eating healthy. This will hopefully encourage them to do the same.

Be a creative chef

Be clever and sneaky. Try to swap out and disguise healthy foods with in your meal. If you have a ‘fussy eater’ within your family, this is the perfect way to get them to try new foods without them even knowing about it.

Let your child/ charge choose

Children tend to eat the foods that they choose. Offer a variety of different healthy foods and snacks and allow them to decide what they like and don’t.

A great way to teach children all about healthy eating is by taking them along to the supermarket and allowing them to choose from a variety of healthy foods/ snacks. Children are more likely to eat food that they are drawn to.

If you child/ charge is old enough, encourage them to help you out in the kitchen with the food preparation. Allowing them to get involved in the preparation can increase their interest and encourage them to try out new foods and flavors.

Be positive

Don’t give up, remain positive and optimistic. Understand that sometimes these things take time. It may take several attempts for them to try it before they grow to love it. It is important to never force your child/ charge to eat something they don’t want to. Go with their pace and always remain positive and optimistic.

Avoid bribery

Try and withhold offering bribes to them. Instead of offering bribes, offer foods that they do like alongside new ones to try and encourage them to try something new.


Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

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