Christmas Letters, the perfect activity for Nannies, parents and children

October 13, 2017

Christmas is coming! Nannies be prepared with our quick guide.

The festive season is nearly upon us. Don’t let your children or charges forget to write their letter to Father Christmas and his Elves to inform them of what they would like to receive for Christmas this year.

Nannies and parents, if you are looking for the perfect activity to do with your charges after school, have a go at writing a letter to Father Christmas.

Christmas is a very busy time for Santa and his Elves. He needs plenty of time to get gifts sorted and wrapped and make sure his sleigh is prepared for the long journey ahead. Not only has he got to get all of this sorted, he will be busy replying to all letters he receives. So, make sure your child or charge sends theirs in by Friday 8th December 2017, to receive a reply don’t forget to include your name and address!

Royal Mail Letters:

If you are sending your letter off to Father Christmas via Royal Mail, please address your letter to:

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



If your child or charge has already sent off this years Christmas list, or is perhaps too young to write a letter to Santa, fear not! You can arrange for them to receive their very own letter from Santa!

Charity Letters:

Have your child or charge receive a letter from Father Christmas by creating one via the NSPCC.

You can order a letter and choose from a number of different templates, just by making a small donation to a worthy cause.

There are a number of different templates to choose from depending on the age of your child or charge. Once you have selected your template, have fun personalising your letter to make it special.

This is a lovely way for children to receive their very own letter from Santa.

Give it a go and have fun personalising your letter for your charge today >>>

Create your own:

You may decide that you would like to create your own letter on behalf of Father Christmas. Have a go at designing and personalising your own letter for your child or charge.

Don’t forget to leave out those ‘special treats’ for Father Christmas and a couple of carrots for his reindeers! I have been told that Santa is quite partial to a mince pie or two.

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