The Childcare and Household Staff Recruitment Market

Recruitment Service

Harmony at Home Nanny Agency specialises in the recruitment of nannies, nursery staff, household staff, and au pairs, as well as the provision of mobile crèches and event childcare.

With a rapidly expanding population, the demand for child care in the UK has never been higher. Recruitment agencies, such as Harmony at Home, play a vital role: introducing fully-qualified, high-quality staff who have been thoroughly vetted and ID checked. In contrast to certain low-budget agencies, that operate only online, Harmony at Home provides a premium service, which is trusted by Royals, celebrities and VIPs around the world.

“Recruitment agencies are experts at sourcing candidates with the right skills, as and when they are needed. They have a major role to play in an evolving childcare market.”  Yvette Oliver-Mighten, Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

Robust Market

The child care industry in the UK is extremely robust. During the financial crisis of 2007-8, when many businesses went into decline, Harmony at Home experienced a period of unprecedented growth—as many young mothers returned to work. Market volatility is a key consideration for many investors, particularly during times of political and economic uncertainty.

Market Boost

The introduction of Tax-Free child care in 2017 is predicted to boost an already buoyant market for nannies. In contrast to Childcare Vouchers, Tax-Free childcare will extend financial benefits to higher earners, making nannies more affordable for an increasing number of families.

[Nannying is] a career that’s growing in demand every year and is becoming an increasingly attractive career option.”  Helen Harvey, Nannytax

Economies of Scale

There’s power in numbers, particularly when it comes to marketing. At Harmony at Home, all franchise holders contribute to, and benefit from each others marketing efforts, which are usually coordinated by Head Office. This effect has been greatly amplified, in recent years, by the rapid growth of the Harmony at Home franchise network. As a result, the Harmony at Home brand now occupies a dominant market position throughout the UK, as well as many regions overseas. This position can only be strengthened as the company continues to grow.


The childcare recruitment industry is constantly evolving: whether it’s competition from new rivals, changes to SEO, or new regulations that govern the industry. At Harmony at Home, we are always searching for new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the game; to build a business that is second to none.