Caring for our Planet

October 13, 2017

Caring for the Planet

Climate change is happening and lots of environmental issues surround us each day; rubbish on the streets, shortages of water, and a rise in pollution. Unfortunately it is more or less impossible to solve the issue of global warming and climate change. However, by implementing small changes into your day to day routine and trying to live as Eco-friendly as you can, can help to result in a global change.

Eco – Friendly Parenting

Our world is full of harmful chemicals and toxins, so it can be helpful to know the changes that you can make to try and implement a greener lifestyle. We are able to offer advice and guidance on this through a number of different areas enabling natural parenting.

  • Natural baby care
  • Eco friendly nappies & nappy services
  • Eco friendly baby products, toys and clothing
  • Organic weaning
  • Natural Nurseries

To find out more about our natural parenting service, click here. You will also be able to book a consultation with a qualified Norland Nanny.

Encouraging children to care for our Planet

Children are the next generation, so it is important that they are aware how they can care for the planet. Encourage you children to have a go at:

  • Recycling – Encourage your children to recycle old materials and resources. You may have an area in your house when all recycling goes. Make your children are aware of this so they know that they don’t have to just put everything in the bin. It may also be a good idea to have a list of items that you can and cannot recycle with pictures. Children may find it easier knowing what they can and cannot recycle with the use of visual aids.
  • Re-using – See if your children are able to re-use materials instead of wasting them. This ties in with recycling items. Instead of throwing old materials away see if they can be re used for something else instead. Paper is a good example of this; instead of throwing away and old piece of paper, simply turn it over and use the other side.
  • Turing off the tap when cleaning teeth – making small efforts like this will slowly but surely reduce the amount of water wasted.
  • Picking up litter & using bins – Encourage children to always ensure they are using bins provided instead of dropping or leaving litter on the floor. If you spot any litter on the floor, try to make a conscious effort to pick it up and put it in the bin. No one likes to see litter lying on the floor, not only is it unattractive but it is also harmful to the environment.
  • Environmental projects – Encourage children to get involved with their very own environmental projects. For example: growing their own vegetable garden or creating a natural garden. These are fun ways for children to engage and get close with nature.

Many schools are now trying to be Eco-Friendly and are encouraging children to get involved. Children like to share what they are doing at school, at home. This is hugely important as it allows the message to spread around. Passionate children are able to make a difference.

Ecological Footprint Calculator tool

A great tool you can use with your children is an Ecological Footprint Calculator. This tool is hugely beneficial and can help them to gain a greater understanding about the impact of global emissions. Once you have filled out all the questions you are able to see your results. Talk them through your results and see if they are able to understand.

By making small changes we are able to help contribute to a more Eco – Friendly planet and a greener lifestyle. Encourage children to get involved and inspire the next generation.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

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