April Fools Day Ideas for Children

March 29, 2017

April Fools Day is just around the corner and promises to bring fun to all!

It is a day that all can get involved in. Nannies, families and even children!

As always, April Fools Day is celebrated on the 1st April. With so many practical jokes to choose from, it can be hard to just choose one. Make sure what ever you decide to do, it is safe and doesn’t cause any harm or offense.

Here are some sensible, yet fun ideas that parents, nannies and children can get involved with:

  • Change the colour of milk with food colouring.
  • Disguise fruit pieces as chocolate by re-using the wrapper and covering up fruit.
  • Place bug cut outs around the house and in lamp shades and see who falls for it.
  • Place toilet roll in shoes so when someone comes to putting there shoes on, they can’t! This should leave them feeling puzzled and wondering if they have had a sudden growth spurt.
  • Freeze a bowl of cereal the night before and see how long it takes someone to notice.
  • Create your own ‘sunny side up’ fried egg, with yogurt and peach. Spoon a dollop of natural yogurt onto a plate and cut in half a peach. Then place the halved peach on top of the yogurt leaving you with a very well disguised fried egg. A simple joke that is sure to cause laughs.
  • With a food safe /edible icing pen draw funny faces on the food in the fridge or in your child’s pack lunch so when they open it, they will get a funny surprise.

Nannies, parents and children if you decide to get involved with April Fools Day this year, just remember to be sensible. It is always exciting to have fun, but make sure that you are being safe and avoid taking part in any activities that are going to cause harm or hurt anyone.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2018


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