5 Reasons to become an International Travelling Nanny

February 14, 2017

Ever wondered what it is like to be an overseas, international nanny? A nanny who works abroad can have a very exciting lifestyle, and there are many benefits of becoming a travelling nanny. Here are our 5 top reasons to become an overseas, international, travelling nanny;
1. You can make new friends: In the larger cities, there are big nanny networks and there may be nanny meet ups where you can meet new people and explore together.
2. You can experience a new culture: As a nanny living with a family abroad, you can see how different things are. A different country means a different culture, this can be trying new foods, listening to different music and enjoying a new way of life. Even in an English-speaking country things will be different, people will be different and life will be different as the culture may be completely different from your own.
3. You can learn a new language: English is the most used language in the world but when working abroad you can immerse yourself in the new culture and try to learn the local language. It is difficult to learn a new language; however, it is always easier to learn if you are in immersed within the country of the language you are trying to learn.
4. You are paid to travel: Travelling isn’t cheap! Working abroad means that the family you are working for as a nanny, pay for flights, accommodation and board. You can explore in your free time, in the city, or places nearby. Go out on the weekends and explore tourist spots and notable places.
5. Increased Salary: Working abroad creates the opportunity to earn more and save quickly. Comparing to the UK salaries, working abroad earn more money and the living expenses are much lower. Some places in the Middle East and Moscow are the best locations as the nanny salary can be doubled.

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It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the language of the country you are in. However, every country will offer a different experience so you will need to work out which country will suit you best. If you are brave and just to want experience new things, then choosing a country doesn’t matter. It will take some time to adjust to many things in the area, such as the climate, the money, the electricity, the religion, the type of home, etc. Overall, if you have no ties and you are interested in travel we can highly recommend becoming a travelling international nanny. To apply to join our agency for the opportunity to apply for international nanny roles please click here.

Written by Tommy Sae-Lim for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

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