5 fun rainy day activities

August 19, 2016

The summer holidays are among us, the sun has been shining and playtime activities have been fun. However, the weather can always change and you don’t want your day to be ruined. Here are 5 fun rainy day activities just in case summer goes a little bit wet for a day or two:


Every child loves making and eating cakes, so why don’t you fill your day with baking? However, you don’t simply have to bake unhealthy treats, all over the internet there are healthy alternatives for cakes and family meals. Use baking to help teach your children about healthy eating, show them that making healthy treats is just as fun and tasty. Therefore making a rainy day educational as well as fun.

2. Creating a play

Being stuck indoors can get boring or children become hyperactive. Use their energy by getting them to organize, create and act out a play. They use their imagination, by making props and teaching them to work together to put on a performance. They can spend a whole day preparing the play, and end their day by performing. Everyone can work together, and they can have their own job throughout the day that will help create a great performance at the end.

3. Puppets

Puppets are known to engage children and be an effective resource in multiple different ways. As a result of this, making puppets can be a fun activity and they can also be used to create a play. They can also be used to create good behaviour by getting tasks done around the house. They also make play time more magical. Therefore creating puppets benefits children and yourself.

4. Marble run

You may have odd pieces of the classic marble run game hanging around the house, some bits lost or broken, but your children are insistent on playing. You can make marble run more fun by creating your own marble run track. Grab old loo rolls, tubes and empty containers and get building. Have fun creating your own track and changing it as many times as you wish. Create a competition by creating more than one track and have a prize for the winner of the best marble run.

5. Simple activities

Board games, reading books and playing with their favourite toys. If you have had a nice sunny morning but the afternoon has gone wet and cold you could make a den and spend the afternoon watching films and spending time together playing in the den.

The summer holidays do not have to be expensive. You can use your everyday home resources to create fun, and even bring out old games that you enjoyed as a child and teach them to your children. Remember to keep things simple.

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