10 Top Tips for UK nannies, governesses and tutor’s working in the UAE.

February 14, 2017

Our International consultant Judy Paish shares her 10 top tips for travel to the UAE as a nanny, tutor or governess ;

  1. Visas –   the family will arrange all working visas and will become your sponsor. The working visa allows multiple entries. When you receive your labour card you can apply for a residency visa which lasts for three years.  This visa is mandatory.
  2. Healthcare –   visit the healthcare office with your official documents, passport, certificate of employment, 2 passport photos and signed application form. Excellent healthcare is free in Dubai once you have a health card.
  3. Language –   learn a few handy words or phrases. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are for the most part bilingual. Newspapers, road signs and maps are in English and most Emiratis speak the language.
  4. Islamic culture –   Be sensitive to Islamic culture. Islam is ever present and you will soon get to know the call to prayer. Muslims pray five times a day towards Mecca. Some people will pray by the side of the road. Avoid walking in front of anyone praying and try not to stare.
  5. Dress Code –   Dress modestly and sensibly. Loose long clothing is recommended. Swimwear reserved for the beach. Topless sunbathing prohibited. Be more aware during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  6. Driving  –   Adapt to driving. It is fast and erratic. Road rage is not tolerated. It is illegal to tailgate, break the speed limit and use mobile phones while driving.
  7. Drugs –   Take heed of the strict laws against illegal drugs. Zero tolerance is practised in the UAE.
  8. Customs –   local customs and traditions should be respected.
  9. Contact –   stay in contact with family and friends. The international code for Dubai is +971 then area code 4 followed by number. The international code for Abu Dhabi is +971 then area code 2 followed by the number.
  10. Make the most of your experience in the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi have vibrant night life, beautiful beaches, water parks, shopping malls, and markets. Dubai has an indoor ski slope. The weekend is Friday and Saturday. Purcahse the Entertainer magazine to find out what is going on.

Written by Judy Paish – International Branch, for Harmony at Home Limited. All rights reserved 2017.

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