Rota Nannies, International Nanny

What is a Rota Nanny?

Rota nannies are required to work 24/7 when on duty, on a Rota system. For example: 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off. Rota nannies may have an allocated work time, but it is most likely to be 24/7. As an example, nanny number 1 works within a private household for 2 weeks and then has 2 weeks off. Nanny number 2 will be working to cover the first nannies time off, then it rotates and repeats until the contract is over. Sometimes the rotation is over 3 weeks or a month. Many Rota nannies work on Super Yachts as Super Yacht Nannies, or for Royal families and VIPs.


Rota nannies are super nannies working 24/7, the families that hire Rota nannies require continuous care for their children. Most Rota nannies are hired by high profile families as these families need their children to be in continuous care as the both parents may be working, meaning hiring a Rota nanny will allow the parents to have a peace of mind while working, knowing that their children are being looked after by professionals.

Most of the Rota nannies are hired by high profile families where both parents are working, so they require a Rota nanny to take care of the children while they’re at work. Rota nanny’s salaries can be £1000 gross per week and sometimes more.

Rota Nanny Duties

  • Full nursery duties.
  • Organising fun and education activities.
  • Supervising meal times.
  • Bath time and bed time.
  • Meeting the children’s needs.
  • On call 24/7 for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off.

Rota Nanny Summary

Rota nannies work in a Rota system with other nannies so in other words, they’re taking turns to work, one nanny works while the other nanny is off then it rotates. The Rota nannies are required to continuously care for the children, as the parents could be working so they are there to provide constant care while the parents are at work. Rota nannies work for much longer than normal nannies, 24/7. Due to being hired by high profile families, the responsibilities may be different from an ordinary nanny.

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