Nanny Driving Course, Drive a Child

Harmony at Home is delighted to endorse the new qualification for nannies and childcarers that is changing the game when it comes to driving with children for work, Drive a Child.

What is it?
Drive a Child, is the driving equivalent of a DBS check – the world’s first online assessment and educational platform specifically aimed at a childcarers driving ability.

Find out more at: Drive a Child Website

Background to development:
Created and built by a2om International (pronounced “atom”), a leader in the development of driver education and assessment software. Their modules are recognised as best in class, academically robust, evidence based, easiest to use and cheapest to buy.
a2om provide online driver education to multinationals such as Shell, Unilever, BP and Mercedes, as well as offender driver platforms to various police forces including Thames Valley and The Met, and last year screened the 8,500 volunteer drivers for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games
a2om are also behind the award winning community interest company Drive iQ that gives free education software into schools/colleges to benefit young novice and new drivers. Featured on ITV Daybreak, Sky News, Channel 4 News as well as in The Daily Mail, Sunday Mail and Saturday Telegraph.

How does it work?
The online programme looks at attitude, skill and knowledge. Costs less than a tank of fuel and takes about 40 minutes to do the initial assessment and depending on performance, a few hours to complete the e-learning platform of up to 20 compulsory or recommended modules. There is also an eBook on best practice to support and inform the applicant on an ongoing basis.
In short, Nanny Drive iQ provides essential information and coping strategies to ensure someone driving children is fully informed and prepared for just about anything when out on the road.

When a parent employs a nanny, until now, they might have checked their license and perhaps gone on a test drive with them, but that doesn’t give a true insight in to how safe they are when out and about on a daily basis, with your precious child in the back of the car. Nanny Drive IQ is a thorough, effective training programme, which teaches vital skills and awareness, as well as offering families peace of mind.

Furthermore, there is now a free, simple and instantaneous way to check that a particular nanny/childcarer has successfully completed Nanny Drive iQ. Go to and enter the certificate graduation number they give you.

Nanny Drive iQ is valid for 3 years.

Why would someone need it?
95% of all crashes are contributed to by attitude and behaviour, not how technically well we drive a car. So it’s our human factors – things like distraction, mood, anxiety, fatigue, a lack of planning or concentration that put a usually competent and careful driver (and their passengers) in danger.

Recent research has highlighted that shows that children are 12 times more likely to be a distraction to drivers than using a mobile phone at the wheel . Furthermore, in a 16 minute journey the average driver takes their eyes off the road for a staggering 3min 16sec!

The stats speak for themselves…Every year around around 18,000 under 15’s are involved in a road crash. Last year around 2,200 of them were killed or seriously injured.

Nanny Drive iQ also another qualification that sits very well with First Aid on a nanny/childcarer’s CV to reassure an employer that the person entrusted with driving their children, has taken their driving to an advanced and tested level.